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SONY NW-WM1A 鋁合金 播放器 DAP 輕觸式 Audio Player 高解析度 HiRes 內置128GB 支援 4.4mm平衡耳機插頭 DSD NFC 無線藍牙 MicroSD HK$8,149.00 HK$9,680.00 加入購物車 加入購物車

早年曾經在 DAP(Digital Audio Player,數碼音樂播放器)市場佔據重要地位的韓國品牌 Cowon,近年先後推出高階及中階 Hi-Res DAP 產品 Plenue 1 及 Plenue M,重新受到 Head-Fi 友注視。在 15 年即將完結之際,Cowon 再度擴展 Plenue 系列,加推超入門型號

Astell & Kern A&ultima SP1000 (Stainless A New High-End Portable Astell&Kern is proud to introduce the A&ultima SP1000. The A&ultima SP1000 is a one-of-a-kind, high-end, powerful high resolution music player equipped with the latest advanced features.

DAPlayer is a sleek, powerful free video player that works with hundreds of formats, including high definition video. What’s DAPlayer’s secret? A simple one: it comes with more than 400 audio and video codecs already built into the player, so that you can play virtually any kind of video on your computer without the hassle of having to look for and download missing codecs.

13/2/2020 · Best portable music players Buying Guide: Welcome to What Hi-Fi?’s round-up of the best portable music players you can buy in 2020. Whether you want to save memory and battery on your phone or simply need your on-the-go sound to be as good as it can, look no further than a portable music player

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14/3/2019 · The music player is fitted with Android software, which means the device is easy to use. The DAP supports most music apps so you can download them to stream your favorite songs. The DAP has a built-in EQ, allowing you to regulate the bass and treble to


踏入2016年,Apple又再傳出開設Hi-Res Audio音樂服務,無論係真定假都好,Hi-Res Audio在各大廠商推動下,今年定必普及。適逢近排音樂頒獎禮一浪接一浪,樂迷梗係想隨時聽到至Hit金曲,小記一於請個人音樂產品專門店嘅音響專家Eddy,為大家推介熱賣嘅DAP(Digital Audio Player)和耳機,想喺新一年趕

High-resolution audio is here to stay and so are the Hi Res audio players. We give our simple, easy and quick rundown of the 15 best audiophile music player’s / DAP’s and digital audio player

1/2/2020 · 討論各式隨身聽 , 耳機 , 耳擴 , 手提DAP音樂播放器配件等論壇總版規【 尊重討論,理性分享 】為本站必要之大原則, 以下版規為本論壇之最基本之規則, 適用於任何一個討論分區, 請務必對自己的言論

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Fostex TM2 – Head-Fi耳機 16/8/2019
FIR. Audio – Head-Fi耳機 6/4/2019


29/12/2019 · 請問各位師兄有無接觸過DAP條款? 首先,DAP到底係譯做 delivery at place 定係delivery against payment? 我係網上搵唔到呢個terms的資料。作為貨代,我們應該如何報價?需不需要提供當地的清關費用?我只知道送貨費應該是要的,但是好像和DDU又有點不同

在 9 月初舉行的 IFA 展覽中, 日本音響品牌 Onkyo 宣布推出旗下首款 DAP 數碼音樂播放器產品 DP-X1,而這款產品早前亦已在港發布,並預定於 11 月上市。當下 DAP 市場主要由韓國及中國品牌主導,究竟 Onkyo DP-X1 以甚麼板斧挑戰呢?艾域在發布會現場進行

It’s time for another top 5 and this time we run down a list of the best audiophile DAP’s (HD Digital Audio Players) and budget MP3 players under $100. Amazing sound quality really is possible for cheap.

DAP(delivered at place) 是一个国际贸易术语,即所在地交货,是指卖方已经用运输工具把货物运送到达买方指定的目的地后,将装在运输工具上的货物(不用卸载)交由买方处置,即完成交货。该术语出自INCOTERMS 2010。

Best high-resolution digital audio player: Which DAP reigns supreme? We review hi-res audio players from Astell&Kern, Pioneer, Onkyo, and Questyle. While TVs have become better and better over the

DAP/Music Player DAC Cable Accessories + Hot Issue + Location + + + Home » Products » DAP/Music Player Clear Filters Shop by Price Shop by Brand Astell&Kern COWON Fiio HiBy Lotoo Onkyo Pioneer Questyle Sony COLOR Aluminum Alloy 64 Audio

VideoLAN, VLC, VLC media player and x264 are trademarks internationally registered by the VideoLAN non-profit organization. VideoLAN software is licensed under various open-source licenses: use and distribution are defined by each software Design by .

The Cayin E01 Motherboard is the third module released for Cayin’s new N6ii DAP featuring a dual operational mode Class A and Class AB amp circuit design and an ES9038PRO DAC. The FiiO M15 is the company’s flagship digital media player featuring dual

With its latest player, FiiO is pushing the last nail in the coffin, taking the crown as the best DAP in the mid-tier section. At the moment, I can’t think of any other player that can compete with the M11 : fluid UI, double micro-SD slot, solid WiFi connection with

DAP 條件係指賣方在指定目的地將尚未辦理輸入通關手續之貨物交付買方,在此貿易條件下,賣方不負責辦理通 關手續,亦不負擔輸入稅金及通關手續費(註2),以 DAP 條件交易時,倘希望由賣方辦理輸入通關手續且負擔通關相 關費用 (但 輸入所須之ㄧ切關稅, 稅賦及其他費用由買方負擔) 時則應於契約

10/11/2018 · DDU与DAP的区别为:前提不同、卸货不同、自担风险不同。一、前提不同 1、DDU:DDU前提是卖方将要把货物直接运至进口国国内指定地点。2、DAP:DAP前提是卖方已经用运输工具把货物运送到达买方指定的目的地。

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The XDP-100R Hi-Res Digital Audio Player delivers the finest engineering for high resolutions audio in a handheld device. High quality audio in your pocket Download, store, and playback the latest high-resolution audio formats such as 11.2MHz DSD, 384kHz

This player is designed to offer a very low noise floor, even with its massive power output. SE100 A&futura is a premium line of players with advanced features that bring the original performance to life. The SE100, the first model of A&futura, is designed for you to

雙生兒DAP 如何二揀一 先鋒在90年代靠卡拉OK LD機發達,與擴音器名牌安橋2015年合併後,全力開發個人影音器材,同步發售先鋒XDP-100R和安橋DP-1X兩部高清DAP:前者用單DAC,走平價路線。安橋雖然貴一點,但獨有2.5mm耳機插,可用盡內置雙DAC的

16/11/2010 · DAT即 deliverd at terminal 終點站交貨條件(加填目的港或目的地的指定終點站) DAP即deliverd at place 目的地交貨條件(加填指定目的地) 此兩種國貿條款非常的類似,最主要的差別在於到達交貨地點時的差異 DAT: 賣方將貨物送達指定地後, 卸貨後交予買方

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發燒級靚聲隨身帶Astell & Kern AK100 雖然iPod市場佔有率非常之高,但高要求嘅音樂發燒友普遍都認為iPod嘅音質未夠好,情願多花點錢買音質表現更佳嘅DAP(Digital Audio Player)。近日有全韓國製造、專為發燒友而設的靚聲DAP抵港,名為Astell & Kern

Calyx M Player About the Calyx M Player Calyx Audio of South Korea manufactures the M — a DSD capable, high-resolution hand held music player. The M also does double duty as a digital-to-analog converter, and the custom-designed

24/7/2017 · 1. 如果真係買DAP 聽 hi-res music 的話就預左要多花金錢係cd上rip wav, 或者係網站上購買high res music 2. 既然你係準備買dap的話,不妨先準備一張micro sd, 里面放好你平時聽既音樂後再去試, 可到大型既鋪頭試, 一般ak100ii, zx100, dx 等都有得試, 唔洗周圍走

10/6/2016 · Onkyo continues to be a hi-res trailblazer with its DP-X1 Digital Audio Player. Backed by two ESS Technology Sabre ES9018K2M DACs and two Sabre 9601K amps for balanced headphone output, the DP-X1 is the only DAP with such an advanced


DAP / Music Player DAP / Music Player View as Grid List Items 1-16 of 17 Sort By Set Descending Direction Show per page Page You’re currently reading page 1 Page 2 Page Next New Add to Wish List Add to Compare HiBy R5 水月雨聯乘版 Be the first to

18/7/2016 · 日本 Head Porter 是不少人喜歡的牌子,間隔多極具實用性,袋款型格又襟用。唔知大家有冇相同經驗,原來想為自己部 DAP 揀個合適的 Porter 袋並非易事。最近發現一個 VanNuys 便攜袋品牌,同樣是日本設計、生產、製造,專為收納耳機、DAP 而設計。

近排機Gor身痕想買部DAP(Digital Audio Player)玩吓,行開影音舖同老友吹水時,佢話DAP嘅價位差別好大,一兩千又有,一兩萬亦有,機Gor梗係要部抵玩得嚟又靚聲嘅人氣之選啦!老友二話不說推介咗日系Onkyo出品嘅DP-X1,同埋性價比高嘅HIFIMAN新作HM

軽やかに、シンプルに、高音質を手のひらに。 パイオニアのオーディオテクノロジーをコンパクトなボディに凝縮し、 シンプルかつスタイリッシュな佇まいに仕上げたハイレゾ対応DAP「private」。 一枚のアルミブロックから削り出すことで、

FiiO M11 PRO 播放器 DAP AK4497EQ晶片 提升數倍性能 內置64GB 2.5mm 3.5mm 4.4mm 平衡 支援 AirPlay DLNA WiFi 無線藍牙 MTMTshop 香港 網店 専營銷售 專業 耳機 , 無線藍牙 , 耳擴 , 播放器 , 啦叭 , 線材 , 電子產品 ( HK-based, sells Headphones , Wireless Bluetooth , AMP , DAP

Sony NW-ZX300 DAP可算是近日最多玩家提及的主機,繼金磚、黑磚後再一部可駁4.4mm耳機的Player,話題不少!而美國公司Acoustic Research繼M2、M20及再做多一部平價機AR-M200,是全球第2家使用4.4mm Pentaconn balanced connector推出DAP的公司

2/2/2018 · 相信有玩開 DAP 的用家,對大陸品牌凱音(Cayin)都有一定認識,近年推出的 DAP 產品有不錯的口碑。繼 N3 和 i5 之後,新推出的 N5ii 擁有相當高的性價比,採用 Android 作業系統,以及是品牌首次為產品加入 2.5mm 平衡耳機輸出。

26/8/2018 · 5 Best Portable Hi-fi Music Players and DAP Mp3 portable music player Buy Link :- Astell&Kern KANN Portable High Resolution Audio Player- https://amzn.to/2BExShW

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「KANN」第一眼令人留下「印象」的一定是其重量級的身型,由於 Astell&Kern 想此產品走一體化高性能路線,於是無疑犧牲了一些便攜性設計。正面看其實什麼特別,外型跟很多高階 DAP 播放器近似,不過一轉去背面相信大家就能夠感受到其「重磅」性。

Volumio is an open source audiophile music player. It is designed and fine-tuned for high-quality music playback and it runs on a variety of devices such as Raspberry PI and other microcomputers as well as PCs and Notebooks. What you get is a dedicated

PLAYER デジタルオーディオプレーヤー XDP-300R 超高解像度再生を実現。高水準のDACとAMPを2基ずつ搭載 Headphones & DAP : Global SUPPORT CONTACT SUPPORT SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD コミュニケーション製品 電話機 電話機 補聴器 補聴器

– [PLENUE 2] 2017 IF Design Award PLENUE 2 / Portable audio player – [COWON AUTO CAPSULE] Ranked first on 2017 ‘Global & Great Brand Competency Index (GBCI)’ – [COWON AUTO CAPSULE] Ranked first on 2017 ‘Global Brand Value Added

在國磚、韓磚盛行的今天,Pioneer 和 Onkyo 兩家姐妹公司在去年分別發佈了血脈相連的 XDP-100R 和 DP-X1 Android DAP。 小編早前已經為較早在香港上市的 XDR-100R 作過動手玩,是一台表現相當全面的中階型號。來到了 DP-X1,它在規格上配備了比 100R 要

Buy 4-Driver FH5, the Best FiiO IEMs Ever, Win a Gift Worth $32.99! 2018-07-10

探索隨身聽音樂播放器,盡享前沿科技打造的完美音質。 Sony MP3與MP4 player用清晰動聽的音樂節拍和影音遊戲的樂趣豐富您的生活。

30/11/2012 · Use MediaPlayerLite – the best Free DAT media player software. Open and play a DAT file fast (and other formats).. Playing DAT files now completely free! Play DAT Files – Open movies and videos in many different formats Video, Image & Audio Player MPEG-1


極新淨 Fiio X5 iii DAP Player Fiio X5iii 淨機 連 原裝皮套 極新 無大花 凹 崩 合完美主義者 已貼玻璃貼及背膜 絕無暗病 100%正常 任試 (全部實物拍攝) 會

I can listen for Tera-Player for hours and there is absolutely no fatigue which is common with some lower grade devices. In my opinion Tera-Player is the best sounding portable player at this moment and it’s also the most portable player of all other high end DAP’s.


支援各種常見的 codec,而且軟體輕巧,比起微軟的Windows Media Player還輕巧,操作相當順暢。KMPlayer不只可直接播放一般常見的各式影音檔、MP3,連Flash遊戲、影片都可以拉進去直接播唷!此外,你從YouTube或Yahoo影音、vlog網站等下載「.flv」的

Shanling DAP Digital Audio Player 手提播放器. 655 個讚好 · 2 人正在談論這個. Shanling 山靈 手提播放器 HK 總代理 – Audiotronics Co. 音響電子公司 Facebook 會顯示資訊來協助你更深入瞭解專頁的用途。你可以查看內容管理和發佈者所採取的動作。

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Choose your Walkman and take your music wherever you go. Explore portable MP3 music players with Bluetooth and enjoy music, videos, games and apps. High-Resolution Audio compatible and DSD Native up to 11.2 MHz and PCM up to 384 kHz/32 bit Sony