sr-3mp echelon

Overview SR-3MP is different compared to other SMGs in that she’s not used to tank — instead, she’s used as a DPS unit. Her skill, which boosts her firepower by 3.6 times, allows her to deal damage on par with most ARs, sometimes even outperforming them.

So this leans toward giving SR-3MP enough damage from dolls buffs. But this is quite hard to train up because you need a full lv10 skill and lv100 SR3MP to pull this off. Since SR-3MP is an AR so her evasive is not very good.

Historical Basis

The SR-3 Vikhr (СР-3 Вихрь, Russian for “whirlwind”) is a Russian compact fully automatic assault rifle chambered for the 9×39mm subsonic round. It was developed by TsNIITochMash (Central Institute for Precision Machine Building) in the early 1990s.

5/3/2019 · WTF 6MIN BOOTS 9K SF GOD Crazy Triple Raze Deleted Meepo Spammer 100% Fast Hand + Max Soul Buff DotA – Duration: 28:56. Kryptonill Gaming Recommended for you

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The only other SMG currently out on EN with tile buffs of such a caliber is SR-3MP, who gives 18% RoF and 30% Crit Rate; for ARs, however, Damage buffs UMP45 offers are more effective, as many ARs (such as ST AR-15 and T97) reach the RoF cap by

Dialogue Chinese Japanese Korean English Acquisition SR-3MP”旋风”,为您效劳!话是这么说啦,不过您的水平如何,我还要好好观望哦。 あら?呼んだ?こんどうは皆に聞こえる様に大きいな声で呼んでね。照れないで、もっと胸を張っていいわよ?

14/9/2019 · At first I designed the echelon to fight armored units with little to no difficult, but it turns out Vikhr not very good against armored as I thought it would be. Since armored units like

作者: Aragami R.

Shrimp needs g41 and Groza for shine. Vector would be better, but I would like to remind you, that her skill deals damage to enemies, ignoring their armor, so it’s better to use her in night ar-smg echelon or even in 2AR 1HG 1RF 1SMG echelon as a subtank.

Even though the player Echelon can’t resupply anymore (it’s full), this node will be captured by standing on it, awarding 10,000 points since it’s the final turn. Regular nodes award 500 points, while Heliports award 2k each. Since kills and supply nodes are worth far

Strengths Good Tile Buffs Providing both Accuracy and Damage to all three tiles in front of her, SAR can be used in any echelon focusing on a damage dealing SMGs such as SR-3MP thanks to the ability to provide her tile buff from either position 4 or 7.

Echelon formation(Normal) For commanders who have absolutely no idea how to use their own T-dolls. The following content inevitably contain exceptions, but are ignored for general use. Echelon formation 101 Every echelon needs 5 T-dolls. Deciding which ones

Beginner here. So, I just played this game for two weeks and so. T-dolls in my main echelon is now on level 60s and I just got sr-3mp and ump45 recently. So, the question is shall I replaced my main smg unit which are STEN mkII and Skorpio? Thx in advance

r/girlsfrontline: Girls Frontline (少女前線) is a Chinese mobile game developed by Mica Team Rate my build: 5 T-Dolls in a C formation up front. StG-44 behind MP-40. P38 in the center. G43 behind Gr G3. A-10 Fairy as support. I call it Blitzkrieg Echelon.

This is a video about the 5star RF T-Doll, WA2000. Enjoy, like and subscribe! If you have any video requests, I will consider that. Here’s a video about SR-3MP. Enjoy, like and subscribe! (I have

The below table can be used to determine which T-Doll you will receive when producing new T-Dolls through the Factory T-Doll Production interface by refering to the production completion time. Example; you start 1 T-Doll Production which displays it will take exactly 3

9/5/2018 · ·How to pick your echelon member As you can see I highly recommend the 2SMG, 2AR, and 1RF so here I will only talk about the gun that fit in this echelon ·SMG, as we all know SMG is one of the tank unit in this game but there are three types of SMG 1

Planning to level up a night AR echelon using 9A-91 and Ots-14. Currently thinking of: Ots-14 | SR-3MP Stechkin | Thompson 9A-91 How’s this team look? Main concern are the SMGs. Thompson I want to level because I have 5 copies of her I need to use for links

Please, find in the following, our other overviews: List of T-Dolls’ max. stats (sortable table) Find T-Dolls by the tiles they buff Overview of all T-Doll costumes Category “T-Dolls with Live2D” Category “T-Dolls with at least one costume” Use the following buttons to sort

While JS 9 has perfect tile shape compatibilities, SR-3MP benefits greatly from AK-12’s own offensive oriented tile bonuses, it is worth considering pairing one of the two aforementioned SMG dolls together with AK-12. (Pairing with SR-3MP may result in AK-12

Which classes are available in the game, and what you use them on with what buffs. Despite the game depicting certain T-Dolls working together in the same echlon, it’s actually an extremely bad idea to just throw in random dolls of all classes into the same echelon.

Historical Basis

Event Chinese Japanese English Note Acquisition 您好,我是滿足侵犯未成年少女慾望而存在的肉便器人形!我會一直哭著抗拒的被輪姦的! Salute! Nice to meet you, I’m M99! Commander, please keep up the good work! Greeting Secretary 1 今天有人來輪姦我嗎?

Since we’re out of night battles, I switched out multiple things in my echelons. Welrod and Python are out, to be replaced with SR-3MP and Ribeyrolles. PEQ boxes are out as well, just replaced with crit scopes. I’m also using a 4th echelon, however it’s just a

Even with those, you’ll generally only want to deploy one of them per echelon, since their grenades are too limited in utility. Sole exception is defense drill, levels 95-99 are annoying enough that you can end up deploying two or three of them. Fuck scouts. # other

Dear Commanders, Re-supply gacha Prairial’s Allure will have a rerun in Radiant Collection from Apr. 30th, and the last set of this gacha, SR-3MP’s See more of Girls’ Frontline

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Eye color: Blue

Damage output focused SMGs such as C-MS can provide useful bonus back to AUG when placed in 8/2, dolls like SMG JS 9 JS 9 and SMG SR-3MP SR-3MP provides the less beneficial rate of fire bonus but also adds critical hit rate.

This may arise from the rather arbitrary classification system in the game (which further listed SR-3MP and Gr G36C, both actual assault rifles, as SMGs). This may also explain the low (at 54 or ~0.93s/shot) rate of fire which may result from Am RFB herself

Inquisitor’s Bullet After taking aim for 1 second, shoots a special bullet that inflicts 3.0x the damage towards the enemy, amplifying that damage received by 40% and setting it as the target of focus fire for 5 seconds. Depending on whether Contender is in the front

Echelon Assignment Power Up Dummy Link Restore Manufacture Complete Logistic Support Deployment Logistic Support Return Autobattle Deployment Operation Start Combat Start Skill Activation 1 Skill Activation 2

Event Chinese Japanese English Note Acquisition 主人,79式乳交專用肉便器,從上面插入我乳溝吧! Sir, Type 79 reporting in, your orders? Greeting Secretary 1 我是乳交專用肉便器,任何人都可以輪姦乳交我,我一定會哭著不要不要的被輪姦!

Welrod is only there because I need night vision, so she’s going to be the offtank during 3-1 and 3-2. She’ll get subbed out for SR-3MP for 3-3 and 3-4. UMP45 will be the main tank since she’s the best SMG available to me. For my second echelon, I have AK-12

(This echelon lacks most basic equipment, and I really shouldn’t use SR-3MP as center, but I don’t have better SMGs to fill the gap yet) 3MG 1HG 1 SG MGs have high burst damage potentials which can often kill all minor enemies in first salvo, and SGs’ armour can ignore any low alpha damage, making them ideal against minors.

Dear Commanders, Today we are revealing 2 new 5-star T-Dolls who will be added to the game after the maintenance on May 29th: 5-star RF T-Doll M99 and 5-star SMG T-Doll SR-3MP! Don’t belittle their

13/11/2018 · Meanwhile, my salty ass only got Spitfire from 90 contracts.

#少女前線 #三期CV實裝 陸版S.Chinese Server 讓您久等了!【三期CV】與【1.140版本更新】將於【10月26日】一同全面上線!豪華配音陣容包含多位知名CV,傾情出演格里芬戰術人形&鐵血精英人形! 三期CV配音對照表如下: 豐崎愛生:索米、法官(Judge)

13/11/2018 · Meanwhile, my salty ass only got Spitfire from 90 contracts.

19/7/2019 · I too, have an unideal compostion as my first echelon, but for good reason. Consider, Fal Sr-3mp M4a1 UMp45 Zas M21 This build is NOT meta, but the components are too useful for me to take it apart, and my doll options aren’t as wide ranging.

14/2/2020 · I think my only direct fire offtank SMG is SR-3MP Click to expand Click to shrink Assuming you just intend to get the bronze medal the meat grinder method (read: throw echelon after echelon at her and damn the cost) is an option. If you’re trying to S rank

是泳裝版的SR-3MP喔喔喔 來源: 繪師:哞妞 -番薯 See more of Girls’ Frontline HQ 少女前線 指揮部 on Facebook

#少女前線 #三期CV實裝 親愛的指揮官們,今天為您帶來的是第五批公開的兩位CV及她們所配音的戰術人形!本次公開的CV分別是:高田憂希和田中美海!她們的配音角色與曾經代表作請見下方介紹哦! #高田憂希:破壞者(Destroyer)、SR-3MP 代表作:《New

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30/4/2019 · SR-3MP UMP40 UMP40 is also a guaranteed reward at 777 crates opened total, which makes getting that number of crates a soft goal for the event. All of the units listed above are excellent for new players like you to have, so grinding for crates is a very

玩了5天的萌新,求教大佬给看看我手头的资源指指路 刚开始玩,看了一点点攻略,粗略知道AR队RF队什么的,为了出95式和G36C疯狂投资造五星,结果这俩没出来,出了其他的五星,然后就发现养不起了。资源真的跟不上,核心不够,钻石也只是刚买了月卡一点点攒。

7/2/2020 · Lightning Bruiser: Offense-oriented SMGs, meanwhile, combine the tanking traits of their class with high firepower and damage-dealing skills. A few offense-oriented SMGs such as SR-3MP have the Firepower Focus self-buff, enabling them to stand alongside ARs in terms of sustained damage output

If she does use her active skill, it’ll similarly take incredibly long for her to really ramp up her damage skill – at 18+ seconds to get her damage above 2* ARs, she competes with Negev for the title of “slowest stacking skill in the game”, and SR-3MP consistently