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22/5/2019 · Winner and iKON face some people trying to boycott them, Jang Ja Yeon case comes to a close, Korea has a mass opposition against female police officers, and Danny feels his fragile masculinity

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21/5/2019 · iKON, WINNER and others YG artists are being boycotted due to the Burning Sun scandal. #iKON#WINNER#YG#BurningSun.

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16/9/2017 · iKON’s Bobby recently opened up about the iKON boycott. He revealed that it was iKON’s fault as a group for letting it happen. #ikon #bobby #iKOnboycott.

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17/8/2017 · Please Subscribe my Channel for more video!Yg entertainment speaks up about ikon fans’ boycott | yg entertainment speaks up about ikon fans’ boyc This video is

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Say NO:—> Winner got 0 relations to SB scandal but suffer from boycott simply due to association. Say YES:—> YG earns almost 45% of the profits from these events and hence boycott sounds

17/8/2017 · [iKON NEWS] YG Releases Statement About iKON Fans Refuse To Buy Any iKON Goods